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1. About 2020BIBF
This year’s Beijing International Book Fair will be a ‘Smart BIBF’, utilizing new technologies such as big data and AI to provide the best possible exhibition experience online. Digital communications and online trade services will create an all-year-round communications platform for the international book publishing industry.
2. Timeline for online exhibition

15th July         Online Registration/Upload Exhibits Information
                        Apply for Professional Events /Apply for BIBF offers

5th August      Submit Events Information

15th August    Schedule Online Appointments

26th August    Smart BIBF Opens

3. User’s Guide

We have prepared a number of helpful guides on how to get the best out of the fair.

For more details about online registration and exhibits uploading, please download the User Guide -1 and User Guide with pictures -1.

The Events Submitting Guide, Appointments scheduling Guide and BIBF App User’s Guide will be uploaded here in August.

User Guide -1 User Guide with pictures -1
4. What is the BIBF Rights Link?
The Rights Link is a new online copyright platform based on the updated BIBF website and a new BIBF App to provide international exhibitors with information about buyers and copyrights trade. All registered publishers can participate in online copyright negotiations and matchmaking meetings throughout the year. This service will be free of charge till 31st of December, 2020.
5. How to use Rights Link?

1) Upload key titles and general titles information.

Please download “Key titles information example”.
Please download “General titles information template”.

2) Schedule appointments

The Rights Link allows site visitors to create a meeting schedule for rights negotiation with one-click invitations. This function, as well as a User’s Guide. will be available from 15th August, 2020. You can also get in touch directly with publishers by email beforehand.

6. Professional events

A. The Beijing International Publishing Forum

Publishing industry leaders and library professionals from China and around the world will deliver keynote speeches, analyzing trends and sharing their insights online. The forum agenda and application form will be updated here in the beginning of August.

B. The Children’s Publishing Forum

The 2020 Children’s publishing forum invites children’s book publishers from around the world to share their experiences of entering the Chinese market through case studies and exchange their ideas about how to make award-winning picture books. The forum agenda and application form will be updated here in the beginning of August.

C. 10+10 Match-making Round Table and you can win a free booth for 2021

10+10 round tables will help you discover the latest titles and build direct contact with Chinese publishers. 2020BIBF will organize China-Asia 10+10, China-Europe 10+10 and China-the Americas 10+10. A lucky draw will be organized at the end of each 10+10 session, the winner can get a free system stand (9sqm) in 2021BIBF.


(1) Program:

Host introduction

Regional Market Report

Participants’ new titles introduction (3min per speaker)

Prize draw ( The winner will get a system stand worth $2,500)

(2) The event language: English only.

(3) The registration deadline: 10th August, 24:00 (GMT+8)

(4) All participants should register on www.bibf.net as 2020BIBF online exhibitor and upload information about no fewer than 50 titles before 10th August.

(5) Only one person from each company is allowed to apply for this event.

(6) A link for the event will be emailed to you on 20th August.

(7) Any questions please contact your account manager or sales@bibf.net

(8) Application link:


7. BIBF offers

A. Online Copyright Trade Award

Ten international exhibitors who make the most copyright transactions online from August 26 to 28 will have a chance to win 900 USD towards their booth in 2021BIBF plus special marketing support.

Please download Rights Transactions Form and return to sales@bibf.net before 30th August.

A. 100 booths — 50% discount

BIBF will pre-sell 100 booths (900 sqm) on 26th August online. Applicants will have the opportunity to win a 50% special discount for 2021BIBF booths.


(1) Date and time:

Application deadline: 24:00, 10th August (GMT+8)

Online Lottery: 16:00, 26th August (GMT+8)

Payment deadline: 24:00 , September 2 (GMT+8)

(2) Options

Raw space: 18sqm/27sqm/26sqm/54sqm/72sqm

System stand: 9 sqm

System stand plus: 9sqm

Premium package: 18sqm

(3) Apply before the deadline (10th August). Please register as a 2020 BIBF online exhibitor and complete the process of uploading your titles. The required number of titles is 35 titles/9 sqm. If the number of titles is less than the requirement, the registration is invalid.

(4) On August 20th, the link to the lottery broadcast will be emailed to the contact person, with the lottery broadcast live online on August 26th.

(5) BIBF will email the invoice to the publisher on the same day. The publishing house shall pay by September 2nd 2020 and send the bank payment transfer certification to the BIBF account manager.

(6) Exhibitors with an outstanding balance after the payment deadline on September 2nd, will not be eligible to receive a 50% discount.

(7) The booth size for 2021BIBF can be increased, but the increased part will be subject to the original price.

(8)Each company can only choose one option to use and exhibit independently.

(9)Exhibitors who have already applied for 2020 BIBF are also welcome to apply. Any spare fee will be carried over until 2022BIBF.

(10)BIBF management reserves the right to interpret the rules and regulations of this activity.

(11)Application link:


8. A Personal Service

A. Rights promotion service

BIBF can promote international new titles to 500+ Chinese publishers and 1,000+ rights buyers through the BIBF WeChat. The service fee for 3 titles is 100 USD.

Please contact your account manager or sales@bibf.net for further information.

B. IP solutions

BIBF cooperates with Chinese e-commerce platforms to help international publishers to develop licensing and merchandising opportunities in China. BIBF will discuss with you about how to connect your books’ IP (Intellectual Property) with clothes, tours, stationeries, toys, exhibitions and so on.

For IP cooperation, please contact nihongri@bibf.net

C. CNPIEC Rights Agency Service

This service works with more than 2,000 publishers and 200 translators globally. The rights trade service fee is 15% of the amount of royalties involved in the contract after the rights transaction is concluded.

For this service, please contact zhoujia@cnpiec.com.cn

*The BIBF Website and App will be updated during the run-up to 2020BIBF. The User’s Guide will also be updated at the same time.

* The above information was updated on 10th of July and is subject to change.

Organizer:China National Publications Import & Export (Group) Corporation
Tel.:+86-10-65866994(Chinese exhibitors)
+86-10-65866995(Overseas exhibitors)
Address:16 Gongti East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, P.R.China
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