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New Reading Promotion Ambassador for BIBF 2017/7/31

Mr. Liu Zhenyun has been appointed as reading promotion ambassador of 2017 Beijing International Book Fair.


Liu Zhenyun, author of many bestselling novels--I Did Not Kill My Husband sold 1.2 million copies--is one of the most famous and award-winning authors of novels contemporary China. On 26th, first public day of the fair. Mr. Liu will host a whole day of events aiming to promote reading to the book fair visitors.


As the reading promotion ambassador, he also plans to go to elementary schools in China's remote villages to teach a Literature Class and inspire the Children to enjoy the pure joy of reading.


His long fiction and short stories has been translated into 28 languages. Part of his popularity stems from the films based on his novels, including the Cell Phone, 1942 and I Did Not Kill My Husband were all directed by China's hottest director, Feng Xiaogang.


"I am an old friend of BIBF.I have been to many book fairs around the world.To me BIBF has grown to be one the most engaging and fun book fairs.To me Reading is not just to gain knowledge,the pure joy of reading is more important",says Mr.Liu Zhenyun.



Praise for Liu Zhenyun's novels:

"A masterful tale that will make you laugh even as you despair . . . Wickedly subtle satire." —Kirkus Reviews (starred review)


"Readers will enjoy this immersion in urban China and Liu’s rollicking-good send-up of modern-day predatory capitalism." —Booklist


"The web of deceptions, double crosses, and betrayals Zhenyun builds into his ambitious, complex novel result in a rich depiction of the criminal underworld." —Publishers Weekly


"Those who enjoy Chinese literature will appreciate how the novel openly provides commentary on the disparity between the economic social classes and unscrupulous corruption found in almost any society." —Library Journal