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The 2018 Beijing Publishing Fellowship 2018/3/14


The 2018 Beijing Fellowship will be held in summer, during the BIBF. This year's Fellowship will be split into two parts: one aimed at adult fiction and literary non-fiction, another aimed at children's publishing.


The program will pay for:


1、international flights (economy class)

2、hotel rooms in Beijing during the 2018 fellowship

3、some lunch and meals within our daily program schedule and daily transportation. 


Last but not least, we will provide an official invitation letter for applying for the visa, but fellows will need to pay for their own visa application fees, international insurance if desired, and other personal expenses.



During BIBF, 20 fellows from different countries joining the Beijing Fellowship family will participate in various activities:


1、Business visits and meetings with local publishing companies, including several major state-owned publishing groups and their frontline companies, great private companies, book & reading related social media / online retail companies, visits to bookstores, spaces promoting reading, etc.; 

2、A couple of meals with people exclusively invited from publishing and culture fields, including writers, poets, editors, publishers, artist, etc.;

3、A public event about publishing;

4、A training workshop for local Chinese editors (two days in total);

5、One-on-one meetings (can be arranged according to your needs);

6、A city tour and cultural experiences;

7、A reception/farewell party.

8、More importantly, 20 participants will be invited to each forum according to categories and each fellow is expected to deliver a main speech of twenty minutes.


Download  Beijing Publishing Fellowship Application Form