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Booth Reservation 2018-01-23

1. Types and costs of exhibition area

(1) Raw Space: Only the raw space is provided to the exhibitors. The exhibitor needs to hire contractors to design and construct the stand.

Cost: RMB 15,200 / 9 sqm


(2)System Stand: Basic furniture package is provided, please refer to the graphic designs on page 12.

Cost: RMB 19,190 /1 Module (3m x 3m)


(3) System Stand Plus: Additional Signage, round table, chairs, customizable logo and extra lights will be equipped.

Please refer to the graphic design on page 13.

Cost: RMB 20,690/1 Module (3m x 3m)

Only apply to 9 sqm stand


(4) Premium Package: Allows more personalized changes based on system stand. Gives your stand great visibility and highlight your brand image. We have 9 different Premium set up packages for clients to choose from, please refer to the graphic design of the packages from page 14 to 22.

Option                       Cost

Premium Package 1     RMB 45,990/ 2 modules (18 sqm)

Premium Package 2     RMB 45,990/ 2 modules (18 sqm)

Premium Package 3     RMB 45,990/ 2 modules (18 sqm)

Premium Package 4     RMB 45,990/ 2 modules (18 sqm)

Premium Package 5     RMB 45,990/ 2 modules (18 sqm)

Premium Package 6     RMB 45,990/ 2 modules (18 sqm)

Premium Package 7     RMB 45,990/ 2 modules (18 sqm)

Premium Package 8     RMB 67,990/ 3 modules (27 sqm)

Premium Package 9     RMB 90,490/ 4 modules (36 sqm)

Note: Each of the package can be adapted to different size (18sqm/27sqm/36sqm/45 sqm/54sqm) according to clients’ request. Please Contact us for more variations and additional wall panel digital painting.


(5) Independent Publishers Mini Stand: Managed collective stand for small and independent publishers. Please refer to the graphic design on page 23.

Cost: RMB 5,000/ 1 Module


(6) Digital Stand: New stand setup for “Digital Zone”.

Please refer to the graphic design on page 24.

Cost: RMB 19,190/ 1 Module (9 sqm)


(7) Rights Center

· Personalized Table    RMB 3,500 / Table

The cost includes one personalized table, four chairs, one badge, one copy of the BIBF Directory and relevant materials.

· Private Office     RMB 4,900/ Office

The cost includes one room with three-side partition walls (2m x 2m x 1.2m), two badges, two copies of the BIBF Directory and relevant materials.

· Additional Registration Fee     RMB 700 / Person

Notes: Rights Center is only open to writers, literary agencies and scouts.

The following equipment will be provided in the Rights Center free of charge.

* Telephone and fax

* One shared desktop computer with access to the Internet

* Photocopier


(8)Additional Exhibitor Badge

· 4 badges will be provided for each 9 sqm module

· Additional exhibitor badge is 160RMB/person


(9) Obligatory Fee-Marketing Fee

· RMB 650 for each exhibitor

· For exhibitors with stand less than 9 sqm and exhibitors at Rights Center, the discount marketing fee is RMB 325

· Fee includes your company entry in the exhibitor's catalogue, events information in the Exhibitor Events Booklet, free usage of seminar/event area, BIBF online rights platform, collective advertisement on traditional and social media.


2. Reservation and payment

(1) EXHIBITOR APPLICATION FORM is required for all exhibit options.

(2) Upon receipt of the EXHIBITOR APPLICATIOIN FORM, BIBF Management Office will provide invoice.

(3) Deadline for submitting EXHIBITOR APPLICATIOIN FORM and full payment in one remittance is April 30, 2017.

(4) An early bird discount of 5% will be granted if full payment for 2017BIBF is received before February 15, 2017.

(5) In case of cancellation, on any date or for any reason except natural disaster, etc., the signatory to the EXHIBITOR APPLICATION FORM will remain liable for reimbursement to the organizer, equal to the amount on the APPLICATIOIN FORM (Please see the REGULATIONS on the reverse side of the EXHIBITOR APPLICATION FORM)

(6) Terms of payment


Corporate cheques payable to:

China National Publications Import & Export (Group) Corporation

803, 16 Gongti East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100020, China.

Remark: 2017BIBF + Invoice Number

Contact person:

Mr. Yuan Jiayang yuanjiayang@bibf.net

Ms. Xu Ruoqing xuruoqing@bibf.net

Mr. Ni Hongri nihongri@bibf.net 

Ms.Wenbo wenbo@bibf.net


Tel: 86 10 65866995 Fax: 86 10 6500 5082


Bank Transfer to:

Bank Name: Bank of China Head office, Banking Department

Address: 1 Fu Xing Men Nei Ave, Xicheng Dist., Beijing 100818, China


ACCOUNT NO.: 778350032940

Payee: China National Publications Import & Export (Group) Corporation

Remark: 2018BIBF + Invoice Number


3. BIBF Management Office encourages and welcomes exhibitors to register, update data, reserve and apply services through our website www.bibf.net.





1. Exhibitors who reserve raw space and construct their own booths should note that the height limit is 4.5m. Booths may not impede passageways or other booths.

2. The official stand fitter, engaged by BIBF Management Office, will be responsible for setting up system booths with the necessary facilities.

3. The partition walls facing the hall entrance and the passage are designed to open. In case an exhibitor reserves two or more System booths, the partition walls between them will be removed.

4. Should exhibitors have special requirements for their system booth, please contact your BIBF account manager.

5. The pillars in the public area CANNOT be used (eg. For putting up posters or advertisements). The exhibitor will be liable to pay for using pillars in the public area during the fair. Please refer to Quotation of Location Advertisements in Part F. The pillars in the stands may be used free of charge, but the user must NOT damage the pillar.

6. BIBF Management Office will NOT refund the cost of booth set-up for exhibitors who wish to switch from a package booth to a raw space. Exhibitors who demand to make this change within two months of the opening of the fair will be charged for booth set-up plus a 30% surcharge.

7. Official Stand Fitter:

Beijing M.H.TALE Expo Co., Ltd.

Contact person:  Nannan Zhang

Tel:+86 13601297197  Email:znn_mht@126.com

Official Recommended Stand Contractors:

Beijing Pico Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

Contact person:Candy Tang

Tel:+86 13811880342 Email:candy.tang@cn.pico.com

Pan-pacific Exhibition Contractors Ltd.

Contact person: Natalie Gao

Tel: +86 18618165959 Email: nataliegao@163.com

Beijing Sinoplan Exhibition Consulting Co.,Ltd.

Contact person:Anna Yan

Tel:+86 18515026003 Email:185526023@qq.com

Beijing Perfect Creative International Builders Resources Co., Ltd.  

Contact person:Betty Xu 

Tel:+86 13331170139 Email:yanan.xu@pbr.net.cn

BroadMesse International Shanghai

Contact person: Taylor.Huang

Tel:+86 18721180492 Email:taylor.huang@broadmesse.com


8. Contractors other than the above ones will not be allowed to move in until August 20, 2018.

9. Stand contractors should obtain the Construction Certificate distributed by official stand fitter M.H.TALE Expo Co., Ltd before July 27, 2018. Meanwhile, two documents, the certificates of inspection regarding the quality of fire preventing products and fire proof construction materials issued by related commissions, should be prepared and shown to official stand fitter. Stand contractors without these three certificates will not be allowed to move in.

10. The booth number(s) shall be marked on booths, regardless of whether they are System booths or special-fitted ones.