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Directory Listing And Advertising 2019-03-07

Directory Listing And Advertising

The 2019 BIBF Directory will include brief introductions of exhibitors, such as the exhibitor's name, business scope, address, person in charge, etc., making the Directory of 2019BIBF a valuable guide to the circles of publishing, book trading and copyright trading both within China and abroad.
1. Directory Listing
Exhibitors will be requested to fill out the items for directory listing clearly in typewritten letters on the EXHIBITOR CONTRACT and fax or mail it to BIBF Management Office no later than June 15, 2019. We strongly suggest that exhibitors update their basic information and directory listing on our official website www.bibf.net before June 15, 2019. Should exhibitors fail to update information on line in time, we cannot guarantee that your information will be included in the 2019BIBF Directory.
2. Directory Advertisement
You are welcome to advertise in the 2019 BIBF Directory. Size: 195mm (height) × 122mm (width) (Trim Size)
Location/Size                    Cost
Half page                          4,500 RMB
Full page                           7,500 RMB
Inside Front Cover            19,500 RMB
Inside Back Cover             18,750 RMB
Back cover                        22,500 RMB
3. Location Advertisement
BIBF Management Office provides location advertisement services for exhibitors. Exhibitors who are interested in such advertisements please refer to the Guide to Location Advertisements & Quotation of Location Advertisements for more details, then fill in the Location Advertisement Application Form. Designs for the advertisements and payment should be sent to BIBF Management Office before May 15, 2019.
4. Website Advertisement
Only cost 10,000 RMB to advertise in the BIBF homepage all year round. Please contact BIBF Management Office for details.
Guidelines for advertisement production:
A. Exhibitors who desire to advertise should fill in the following Advertisement Form.
B. Deadline for submitting Advertisement Form: May 15, 2019.
C. After the advertisement has been reserved, please send advertisement films with payment to BIBF Management Office before June 30, 2019.
D. Four-color films should be provided for producing color advertisement.
E. Terms of payment
• Corporate checks payable to:
China National Publications Import & Export (Group) Corp.
Address: 803, 16 Gongti East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100020, China
Remark: Payment for 2019BIBF
Contact persons: Ms.Huang Huiling, Ms. Changge or Mr. Ni Hongri
Tel: +86 10 6586 6995
• Bank transfer to:
Bank Name: Bank of China Head Office, Banking Department
Address: 1 Fuxingmen Nei Street, Beijing, China
ACCOUNT NO.: 778350032940
Remark: Payment for 2019BIBF+Invoice Number