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Exhibitor badge & On-site check-in

1. You will obtain your BIBF account username and password when you finish the payment.


2. Please go to www.bibf.net to apply your badges. Please use the user name and password BIBF provides to log in your account and complete the badge application by filling participants’ information on www.bibf.net before August 4, 2018.


3. The badges can be printed in advance. At the most 4 badges will be provided free of charge for each 9 sqm module). Please contact BIBF Management Office in advance for additional badges, at an additional charge of 160 RMB per badge.


4. Exhibitors shall check in with your printed badges on site two days before the opening of 2018 BIBF (August 21-22, 2018) and collect 2018BIBF Directories and other documentation. Details such as the exact time and place for checking in on site, and the latest notices for 2018BIBF, will be indicated in the NOTIFICATION OF ONSITE CHECK- IN FOR 2018 BIBF, which will be sent to all exhibitors via e-mail before August 16, 2018.


5. One copy each of directories, relevant documents and materials for publicity will be distributed to each module.



Letter of Invitation

For your convenience, we offer the Letter of Invitation for your visit to BIBF


Please fill in the Application for Letter of Invitation on Page 47 and return it back to Foreign Affairs Dept., CNPIEC before August 13, 2018.


Contact Person:

Ms. Liu Xiangtao, Ms. Ding Liqiong

Tel: +86 10 6506 3051

Fax: +86 10 6506 3101

Email: foreign@cnpiec.com.cn