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General information 2017-07-17

1. Exhibition Time and Location

Time: August 23- August 27, 2017

Venue: East Hall 1, East Hall 2, East Hall 3 , West Hall 1, West Hall 2, West Hall 3, West Hall 4

China International Exhibition Center (New Venue) (NCIEC)

Address: No. 88, Yuxiang Street, Tian Zhu Zone, Shunyi District Beijing, China

Exhibition area: 92,700


2. Calendar

9:00-17:00   2017.8.21-8.22   On Site Check-in & Exhibition Set-up

9:00-17:00   2017.8.23-8.25   Professional Days

9:00-17:00   2017.8.26           Public Day

9:00-15:00   2017.8.27           Public Day, Closing Day & Booth Tear-down


3. Exhibition Scope

The content to be exhibited shall abide by the laws of the PRC and government decrees, and respect the sovereignty and territory integrity of the PRC. Exhibitors shall not exhibit, distribute, broadcast or project materials not related to cultural exchange, book trade and publicizing their own image. The exhibitions may include:

(1) Books, Newspapers, Periodicals and relevant publications since 2016

(2) Multi-media Publications, Cartoon & Animation, Software, Digital Solution and relevant equipment

(3) Printing Solutions and related products

(4) Stationery and Gifts


4. Main Services

(1) The fair will provide exhibitors with exhibiting area and matched facilities.

(2) The 2017BIBF Directory with exhibitors’ information and Booklet of Seminars & Events specially published during the fair.

(3) The organization committee will publicize the fair and exhibitors, and organize press reports on the fair.

(4) The fair will provide exhibitors with venues and facilities to give technical seminars.

(5) The fair will provide exhibitors with advertising banners on the BIBF website (www.bibf.net) as well as opportunities for advertisement in the Directory, Booklet of Seminars & Events and at the fairground (Please refer to Part F).

(6) The fair will establish a Rights Center with rights tables and Private Offices.


5. The Exhibition Area Plan of 2017BIBF

The exhibition area plan for 2017BIBF includes East Hall 1, East Hall 2, East Hall 3,West Hall 1,West Hall 2,West Hall3and West Hall 4

East Hall 1 (E1):

Overseas Publishers & Rights Center

East Hall 2 (E2):

Children and Education

East Hall 3 (E3):

Beijing International Book Festival

West Hall 1 (W1):

Chinese Publishers

West Hall 2 (W2):

Country of Honor & Professional Exhibitiors

West Hall 3 (W3):

Reading to Living & Made In Creativity

West Hall 4 (W4):

Creative Printing Zone & Library Distribution


6. Highlights of 2017BIBF

Reading to Living is located in Hall W3, it provides readers the interactive experience with lifestyle books, stationary, cultural related products and more.

Children's Publications Zone is located in Hall E2. You will find all of major children's publishers from both domestic and abroad.


7. Main Events

(1) First Step Training Course

Participants will learn about the publishing industry, meet with Chinese rights managers, visit publishers and bookstores. Informative program will help new comers develop deep understanding of the Chinese publishing industry. The two-day training course starts on August 21.

(2) Beijing International Publishing Forum

One of the top publishing professional forums in China. A full-day forum on August 22.

(3) BIBF International Children’s Publishing Forum

The popular forum on children’s publishing trends and development with a special focus on the Chinese market. A Full-day event on August 22.

(4) Rights Managers Salon

Meet with other rights managers on the evening of August 23.


A collaboration between International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) and BIBF for the latest digital trends and technology on August 25.

(6)Exhibitor Fairground Tour

The Tour is led by BIBF experts, visiting the top publishers on the fairground everyday. The tour will be organized with different themes such as Children's publishers, general trade publishers, academic and digital etc.


8. Security and Safety

(1) The security team under the Organizing Committee will be responsible for fire fighting and general security. Should unexpected fire, dispute and other dangerous situations arise, please immediately contact the security department.

(2)Exhibitors shall be careful of all architectural facilities in the exhibition center. It is forbidden to bring any flammable and explosive substances into the hall, in accordance with the regulations of the China International Exhibition Center.

(3) All overseas exhibits are required to be under the supervision of Chinese Customs for the full duration of the event. When the exhibits are transported into the exhibition hall, they will be unpacked with the permission of customs officers. No exhibits may be removed from the exhibition site without written permission from the organizer.

(4) Please take care of your personal belongings at all times. Please contact the security office as soon as possible if you have lost any valuables in the exhibition center.

(5) See Article 4-1 & 4-2, Regulation printed overleaf of the Exhibitor application.


9. Weather

The average temperature during exhibition days: 29 °C or 84°F