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Fairground Layout Changes for the2017 Beijing International Book Fair 2016/12/26

In 2017, adjustments will be made to the BIBF exhibition layout. The main changes include: Overseas Hall will be relocated from East 2 Hall to East 1 Hall; Children‘s Books and Education Hall will be located to East 2 Hall.

The aforementioned adjustments were determined based on different functions and positioning of the exhibition zone. The 2017 BIBF will have a clearer division between Professional Zones and Public Zones. At the 2017 BIBF, portions of East 1 Hall and East 2 Hall will be Professional Zone dedicated to rights tradeprofessionals (Professional Permit required for entry in the first three days of the Fair, public audience can enter with admission tickets on Saturday and Sunday); the rest of the fairgroundwill be Public Zones, and for the duration of the Fair, entry is permitted with admission tickets.