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UAE Country of Honor Program 2015/8/13

Through its wise and creative leadership and its culture-loving people, the United Arab Emirates carries its own creative vision that promotes the principles of prosperity and development in its pioneering cultural renaissance, as well as its never-ending quest toward achieving a unique place among other countries in the different fields of sustainable development, mainly creative industries, culture and arts.

Choosing the United Arab Emirates as a guest of honor at the Beijing International Book Fair 2015 represents an exceptional achievement in the history of the cultural relationships between the United Arab Emirates and the People’s Republic of China. The two countries have deep-rooted civilization achievement that is thousands of years old represented by the Chinese civilization in Southeast Asia and the Arab-Islamic one in central and western Asia.

Being a guest of honor, the United Arab Emirates’ delegation will have the opportunity to bring to the light the culture, art and heritage of the Emirati people and familiarize the Chinese audiences with the characteristics of the Emirati cultural identity so as to build bridges of knowledge exchange and openness to the other through the values of tolerance, knowledge and human brotherhood.

We in the United Arab Emirates greatly value and appreciate the journey that Beijing International Book Fair has achieved over its long history which reflects the substantial richness and diversity of the different Asian cultural groups in general and the Chinese one in particular. We are also very grateful for choosing the United Arab Emirates as a guest of honor in this very important cultural event.



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