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Culture express 2015/8/13


Ministry of Culture, Youth and Community Development

The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Community Development seeks to translate and enrich the United Arab Emirates’ cultural vision by means of pioneering cultural and societal development to achieve a prosperous life for all of the emirates. The Ministry also works on raising cultural and societal awareness, reinforce the national identity, revive the heritage, execute and support the strategies to preserve the UAE’s cultural identity, care for the talents of the youth, sponsor creativity, develop the society, support individuals from the different groups in the Emirati society in an attempt to develop their creative abilities and enhance their literary and artistic skills. Moreover, it seeks to promote the creativity appreciation culture in the society through relying on the different excellence standards in translating the values of feeling, national affiliation, responsibility, competence, knowledge and effective communication with clients and partners.

In addition to this, the Ministry cooperates effectively with all of the components of the creative, cultural and youth scene such as individuals and institutions in the UAE and the different Gulf countries and the Arab world. In doing so, it contributes to the support and promotion of the elements of excellence and innovation locally, regionally and internationally. It also contributes to building bridges of cultural and knowledge exchange as well as encouraging dialogue between different cultures and civilizations through holding pioneering cultural and artistic events that help reinforce the values of tolerance and openness to the other upon which the United Arab Emirates was established in the first place.

The Ministry concentrates on fulfilling the goals that would ultimately contribute to the development of the cultural and artistic scene in the country through working on raising the cultural awareness of all people in the society, and preserving the national identity and its components. It seeks to support talented individuals and achieve optimal investment in their abilities and potential. Protecting and promoting the UAE’s intangible heritage.