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IDPF@BIBF International Digital Publishing Forum 2016/7/29

With the application and popularity of the network, diversified publications   emerge at the right moment and it is undoubted that the publishing industry has entered into the digital era. How to have a deeper understanding of the development trend of the digital publishing industry and how to deal with it? 2016 International Digital Publishing Forum will still cooperate with IDPF, the most authoritative international digital publishing institution. The IDPF (international digital publishing forum) is an indicator of global digital publishing industry, as well as the constitutor of EPUUB, one of the three formats of digital publishing. It has cooperated with the companies including Adobe, Apple, Samsung, IBM, Ingram, overdrive, Harper Collins, Cengage Learning, McGraw Hill and other international large digital products and publishing company. 2016 International Digital Publishing Forum will focus on the frontier topics like” digital publishing business model", and "digital marketing" . It will invite the most famous publishers to share their experiences so as to provide most advanced information and trends of the foreign digital publishing industry. In this way, 2016 International Digital Publishing Forum will be a professional platform for the participants to communicate with each other and obtain business opportunities.

Time:August 26th
Location:VIP Meeting Room,East Hall 2




2016IDPF@BIBF Introduction

2016IDPF@BIBF Speakers and Program