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With a view to attracting orders from our clients, the Book Import Center of China National Publications Import and Export (Group) Corporation (hereinafter referred to as CNPIEC) will compile and release 2019 BIBF Subject Catalogues for the 26th Beijing International Book Fair in both print and online editions. All exhibitors should send their exhibit lists in batches so that their details may be included in the 26th BIBF catalogues. You are requested to provide exhibit catalogues in Excel format, and to clearly indicate the following details: ISBNs (ISBN 13 only), subject classifications, complete titles and subtitles, volume numbers, edition, series, proceedings, authors, publication date, pagination, currency, price, bindings and publishers, brief descriptions, etc. All exhibit catalogues must be sent via e-mail to the Data Department, Book Import Center of CNPIEC as early as possible and no later than April 10th, 2019.

(E-mail address: bibfcatalog@cnpiec.com.cn). If this deadline is missed, we couldn’t guarantee that your exhibits will be included in the 26th BIBF catalogues.


1. Exhibits
Exhibits shall conform to the laws and government decrees of the PRC for importing publications. Publications infringing upon such laws or decrees may not participate in the exhibition. Exhibitors may select one of the two following options for the exhibits:

Provision A. For sales purposes and in order to enlarge the exhibitors' sales in Chinese market and avoid any difficulties and inconvenience that returning the exhibits may cause, CNPIEC will purchase all the exhibits at 65% discount off of the list price EXCEPT FOR THE FOLLOWING BOOKS OR MATERIALS :
(1) Publications without ISBNs;
(2) Books that were exhibited at the 2018BIBF or earlier exhibitions;
(3) Books that are not included in your exhibit catalogues;
(4) Books with a unit price of US$500 or higher;
(5)Card files, loose-leaf bindings, CDs, cassettes, video tapes, micro-publications, E-publications, computer diskettes and the like;
(6) No more than 3 copies for the same title, Retention discount remains the same at 65% off for copies  ;
(7) Books which prices were raised due to the exhibition;
(8) A maximum of 250 book titles are allowed to be put on display in each booth.
(9) Bundles containing two or more titles each of which was published with its own ISBN and which customers ordered individually.

Provision B. For donation purposes, exhibitors who would like to donate all or portions of their exhibits to relevant organizations as gifts after the exhibition are requested to complete two letters, a written statement of the donation to be made and a letter confirming acceptance of the donations before the exhibition. Any related shipping costs and the 10% value-added tax for import are to be borne by the recipients.

Confirmation of your selection of beneficiary organization(s) in WRITTEN FORM should be sent to Mr. Zhao Huaizheng, Deputy Director of the Order Department,
Book Import Center, CNPIEC before March 31st, 2019
(Email: zhaohz@cnpiec.com.cn).

2. Invoices
Exhibitors who select Provision A for participation should issue formal invoices according to the following requirements:
(1) Please indicate clearly “2019BIBF” and ISBNs on all invoices for easy identification.
(2) The price on the exhibit invoices must be in accordance with the quotation on the exhibit catalogue. Prices for any subsequent orders must tally with the quotations on the exhibit catalogue.
(3) Since exhibit shipping costs is borne by the exhibitors, there is no need to show shipping costs and tax on BIBF invoices. If your exhibit invoices do include shipping charges for exhibits, a credit note will be requested accordingly .

3. Payment
A packing list must be attached to the exhibits. The exhibits will be checked against the list to see whether the numbers and amounts of books in boxes conform to the invoices, according to which the Book Import Center of CNPIEC will make payment.

Normally, specific payment for 2019 BIBF exhibits will be made within three months of the conclusion of the book fair. Therefore, kindly do not include BIBF invoices in your normal statement of account with us.

4. Transportation
(1) Shipping costs will be borne by the exhibitors.
(2) Please employ the transportation agents assigned by us to ensure the prompt arrival of all exhibits to the booths before the opening of the exhibition. Any direct Express Delivery such as DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNT, etc. to CNPIEC is unacceptable.
(3) Be sure to indicate Booth No. and the name of the exhibitor on each box so that exhibits will reach the proper booth on time.
(4) Please indicate on each box whether it contains books, journals or catalogues in order to facilitate the work on site. Please be sure to put the BIBF labels provided by our company on all your mailings and boxes for easy identification. For matters concerning BIBF exhibit catalogues and exhibits of the fair, please contact the Book Import Center of CNPIEC.

Liaison persons:
Book Import Center: Ms. Kong Xiaohua, Deputy Managing Director
Tel: 86 10 6507 6068
E-mail: kongxh@cnpiec.com.cn
Order Department: Mr. Zhao Huaizheng, Deputy Director
Tel: 86 10 6586 7008
E-mail: zhaohz@cnpiec.com.cn
Data Department: Ms. Ma Rong, Director
Tel: 86 10 6586 6990
E-mail: marong@cnpiec.com.cn