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The biggest book trade fair in Asia

Dates:  August 23rd – 27th 2017

Venue: China International Exhibition Centre (Shunyi)

Exhibitor floor area: 92,700 square metres

Organisation:  BIBF is organised by the China National Publications Import and Export (Group) Corporation, the largest publication import/export company with over 60% of the market share.


Seven halls:
· East 1 International Publishers and Publishers from Hong Kong & Taiwan, Rights Centre
· East 2 Children and Education
· East 3 Beijing International Book Festival
· West 1 Chinese Publishers
· West 2 Country of Honour, Featured Exhibition
· West 3 Reading to Living, “Made in Creative”
· West 4 Printing , Library Distribution


Cost of entry:

· General Admission: 10 yuan before 23rd Aug. / 20 yuan 23rd-27th Aug. (Pay at the door)

· Professional Ticket: 60 yuan per day / 160 yuan 5 days
· Press: Online Registration, free entry press certificate provided
· International Picture Book Exhibition Ticket: 60 per person / 100 two / 130 three


Special events and facilities for exhibitors in 2017
· Training events (eg first steps into the Chinese market)
· Induction for newcomers to BIBF
· Showcase of lifestyle titles by independent authors


Special events and facilities for visitors in 2017
· “Made in Creative” – a new section covering 14,000 square metres featuring the creative industries including art galleries and institutions, cultural and creative organisations. 
· Cuisine – a section featuring Chef’s Kitchen with cookery demonstrations with top international chefs; a baking experience for cake lovers; plus wine tasting events with top international sommeliers and masters of wine
· Science - events for teenagers, with interactive wonderlab for a stimulating and immersive experiments
· Crafts - a section for homemakers dedicated to skills such as DIY, knitting, the art of the tea ceremony, floriculture and pottery
· Health and wellbeing - an interactive fitness experience from the US National Football League (NFL) team;
· “Pop science” -  topics such as marine creatures, dinosaurs, the earth are covered in 400 square metre area for children age 6 – 12


BIBF 2016 Fair: key facts
· More than 300,000 people visited BIBF 2016
· 2,407 exhibitors took part including 1,379 from overseas
· 86 countries and regions were represented
· Over 1,000 events such as book launches, author signings and literary salons
· 9 out of top 10 top publishing groups in the world took part
· 30 out of top 50 publishers in the world exhibited
· More than 300,000 new books were on display
· 5,018 rights deals signed by domestic and overseas publishers, notably in the following genres: academic, science and technology, literature
· Major publishing houses signing contracts included Guangxi Normal University Press completed the acquisition of UK's ACC Publishing Group; and the Anhui Publishing Group who agreed a contract of co-operation with Blue Bottle Biz from Spain on e-book platforms.