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From the Curator

New Sensibility


As Susan Sontag said more than half a century ago, “many things in the world have not been named; and many things, even if they have been named, have never been described. One of these is the sensibility”. Nowadays, our life is clouded by a dazzling array of interesting and diverse cultures. On the one hand, the over-abundance of information constantly overwhelms our sensibility. On the other hand, our intuition is being replaced by an overly analytical way of interpreting information. What the “New Sensibility” suggests is a more direct and innate form of expression with zero ornamentation or disguise, so as to enhance the sensibility in people to the maximum.


The 2018 BIBF Literary Salons will take the theme of “New Sensibility” in building a bridge between readers and authors. It will showcase a wide range of creativity coming from the author’s own experiences, and restore the intrinsic feeling that readers derive from the texts themselves. Traditional methodologies will be turned upside down, when we unleash the inherent power of sensibility to its greatest potential; incorporating music, painting, coffee, snacks, and other elements, to integrating the senses of vision, hearing, taste and smell, as to fully enrich the expressiveness of words and sensibility.


By being immersed in the masters’ lectures, you will be enlightened by Wang Meng, Jia Pingwa, He Jianming through their words, you will get a profound knowledge by Liu Xiao Ling Tong regarding the culture of the Journey to the West, you will follow the story of football star Robert Lewandowski by the Polish journalist Paweł Wilkowicz, you will uncover the secrets of Troy by the Turkish historian Rüstem Aslan. You’re also welcomed to join the conversations between some famed presenters, such as the conversation between Liu Zhenyun and the British best-seller author Rachel Joyce, the talk between Yu Hua and sinologists from 30 countries, the panel for the Decoded by Mai Jia and his English translator Olivia Milburn.


the roundtable discussion among artists Bai Ming, Li Xiangning, Shen Yu and Zhu Yingchun, as well as the dialogue between Gao Xing and the translator Yu Zemin for the literature of Eastern Europe. You can even pull up a seat in the BIBF Literature Café, and enjoy the coffee and dessert specially designed according to the literary works of Bohumil Hrabal or Rachel Joyce. We will also invite children’s authors from Turkey, Russia and Hungary to share unique stories with children, and the renowned Chinese illustrator Xiong Liangand Russian illustrator Evgeny Podkolzin to hold workshops for young students.


Finally, we’ve also prepared the BIBF literature Road Show which aims to promote the copyright trade of the literary works for all the authors and publishers who attend the fair. As to the BIBF Literature Night, we’ll try to explore the melody of Chinese poetry by the performance of the pipa and create a space for free exchange of ideas among the authors from different countries.


From innocent sensations to free expressions, the 2018 BIBF Literary Salons awaits your arrival for a new journey!


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