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BIBF 2016 World Tour Concludes on High Note,2017 World Tour to Commence Soon 2016/12/30

The BIBF 2016 World Tour has come to a close, from verdant Paris in spring to rainy Bucharest in winter. Over the course of a year, the Beijing International Book Fair has left its imprints on international books exhibition platforms in 23 countries and regions around the world. The BIBF collaborated with domestic publishers and together created monumental breakouts and glorious moments of Chinese publishing industry going abroad and triumphing across the globe.


On international books exhibition platforms we showcased to the world many distinguished books from China. Xi Jinping: The Governance of China (in multiple languages), China Culture Series, China‘s Roads and other distinctly books about Modern China were displayed in high concentration, relaying the voices and views of China and opening up a vital gateway through which foreign readers can better grasp the development situation of contemporary China and comprehend the profundity of Chinese civilization. On international books exhibition platforms we exchanged and mutually learned from other cultures. With literature as the conduit, we invited renowned contemporary writers such as Cao Wenxuan, Liu Zhenyun, Yu Hua, Xu Zechen and many others to partake in cultural dialogues. On international books exhibition platforms we demonstrated the flourishing growth of the Chinese publishing industry today. Whether it be cultural classics rich in the wisdoms of traditions, or original philosophy or social science works that describe the latest developments and achievements in culture and literature fields, all these offerings captured the attention and interest of readers worldwide. On international books exhibition platforms we promoted the Beijing International Book Fair, invited publishers from all corners of the globe to come to China, and continued maximizing the function of the BIBF as a platform for exchanges in the international publishing industry. As the only globally influential books exhibition platform of China, the Beijing International Book Fair has already garnered the participation of exhibitors from 86 countries and regions. We look forward to bringing more international publishers to Beijing, communicate and interact with Chinese and worldwide publishing industry associates, and jointly compose the next chapter in the development of the publishing sector.



The successes of 2016 instill in us full confidence in the BIBF 2017 World Tour. In the 2017 World Tour to commence soon, other than the exhibitions like past sessions, for the first time ever we will organize Chinese publishers for participation in exhibitions held in Latin American countries like Chile and Ecuador as a method for contributing to the expansion of Chinese books and publications in the Latin American market.

In 2017, we look forward to joining hands with you in propelling Chinese books higher onto the global stage!