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Winners of The 9th Special Book Award


Colin Patrick Mackerras is an Australian sinologist, writer and also the president of Australian tourism Confucius institute. In 1964, he came to China as a teacher for the first time. During half century after that, he had visited China more than 60 times. As a witness of China’s development, he devoted himself in introducing the real China to Australian people. He is the author of China in transformation 1900-1949 and China in my Eyes: Western Image of China since 1949.


John Makeham is an Australian translator and Professor of Chinese Studies at the Australian National University. He authored New Treatise on the Uniqueness of Consciousness and Learning to Emulate the Wise: The Genesis of Chinese Philosophy as an Academic Discipline in Twentieth-Century China.

 Lisa Carducci is a Canadian writer. Since 1991, Lisa has been working and living in China. For years she commits herself to cultural exchanges, introducing China to the world and the world to China. She was awarded Le Mot d‘or de la traduction in 2008 for her French translation of Wolf Totem.
 Fran?ois Cheng is a Chinese-born French translator and the first person of Chinese origin to be a member of the French Academy (Académie fran?aise). He has translated many Chinese works into French including The Analects of Confucius, Rickshaw Boy (Lao She) and History of Chinese Thought.
  Jo?l Bellassen is a French sinologist and the supervisor of Chinese Studies with French Ministry of National Education.  He is the author of Mandarin Chinese Grammar, Chinese Characters: World of Ideograms and A Dictionary of Chinese Characters. The Chinese textbook A Key to Chinese Speech and Writing written by him is widely used in France and reprinted many times.
 Helwig Schmidt-Glintzer is a German sinologist and chairman of Germany Association for Chinese Studies. He specializes in literature in ancient China and Buddhist studies, and has authored The Literature History of Ancient and Modern China and Brief History of China.  
 Wilt Idema is a Dutch translator and a member of Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, specializing in traditional Chinese vernacular literature, Chinese drama and Chinese women‘s literature. His representative translation works include Selected Works of Meng Haoran, Selected Works of Li Qingzhao and Romance of Western Chamber.
 Sykhoun Bounvilay is a Lao writer who is committed to China-Laos relation research. He also authored books including Deng Xiaoping: A Great Man, Achievements in Laos-China Cooperation and Lasting Friendship between Laos and China.
 Chimedtseye Menerel is a Mongolian translator and Professor at National University of Mongolia, specializing in Chinese language teaching and Mongolian-Chinese translation. His representative translation works include The Analects of Confucius and The Art of War. The Mongolian-Chinese dictionary written by him is widely praised.
 Adam Marsza?ek is a Polish publisher who works closely with Chinese publishing industry and has published over 30 China-related books, including Selected Works of Deng Xiaoping, Glimpses of Chinese Culture and Great Changes in China.
 Переломов Леонард Сергеевич is a Russian translator. He has worked as Chief Researcher of Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences and President of Russian Confucius Fund. He translated Confucianism, The Analects of Confucius, The Four Books, etc.
  Mariá Ferancová is a Slovakian translator, Senior Researcher at Slovak Academy of Sciences, and Honorary Chairman of China-Slovak Friendship Group. She specializes in classic Chinese philosophy, religion and literature, and has translated A Dream in Red Mansions and Tao Te Ching.
  ángel Fernández Fermoselle is the President of the Spanish publisher Kailas, which has been dedicated to introducing Chinese writers and classic works to readers in Spanish region. Literary works of many contemporary Chinese writers, such as Mo Yan, Wang Anyi and Wu Xiaobo, have been translated and published by Kailas.
 Robert E. Baensch is the Director of Publishing Programs of the Global Center at State University of New York (SUNY). He was appointed as the guest editor for the special issue on China of the Publishing Research Quarterly based in America. He has been dedicated to cultivating international talents for Chinese news and press industry in the past 20 years.
 Guy Salvatore Alitto is an American sinologist. Dedicated to introducing Chinese culture to the world, his efforts in studying China’s modern history, local history and modernization have been rewarding, as evidenced in his works The Last Confucian.
Winners of The 9th Special Book Award for Young Scholars  
  Ahmed Mohamed Elsaid Soliman is a Egyptian young publisher. Chinese Road: Miracle and Secrets he published introduces Chinese path and Chinese model from a foreigner’s perspective and is highly praised by the King of Jordan and other Arabian statesmen.
 Kaung Min is a translator of Chinese descent from Myanmar. Enthusiastic about Chinese classics as well as modern and contemporary Chinese literature, he has been making great efforts in introducing Chinese culture to readers in Myanmar. He has translated Chinese works, among others, The Analects of Confucius, Fortress Besieged .
 Zombory Klára is a Hungarian young translator and Chair of the Hungarian-Chinese Friendship Association. She has translated more than 20 works of Chinese contemporary writers such as Mo Yan, Yu Hua, Liu Zhenyun, Han Shaogong.
 Samer Khair Ahmad Khrino is a Jordanian young writer. He has been actively involved in organizing cultural exchange events between China and Arab countries. Civilisational Repositioning: China’s Rise and the Future of the Arab People he published has attracted huge attention in Arab countries.
 Eric Abrahamsen is an American young translator. He is currently editor of Pathlight Magazine (English edition) and is long-term engaged in introducing Chinese literature to the world.