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BIBF Starts the Copyright Express Service of Children‘s Books

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, several international book fairs were unfortunately canceled during the first half of 2020. Chinese and foreign exhibitors are all eagerly waiting for this virus to pass. We are looking forward to meeting our publishing circle friends during BIBF for further cooperation. With the improvement of the international joint defense and control mechanism, we firmly believe that as long as people cooperate, we can defeat the coronavirus as soon as possible!


Last year, BIBF attracted nearly 1000 Chinese and foreign exhibitors, including children's book publishers, children's education and digitalization, all rights of animation, IP authorization and derivative trade publishers. In addition to domestic and foreign children's book publishing institutions, new media children's content operators such as audiobooks and animation books also appeared in the book fair, effectively expanding our friends’ circle for children's book publishing. 


In order to meet the challenge of the ongoing pandemic, 2020BIBF will upgrade the international children's Book Hall using a state of the art platform to display the resources of international children's book exhibitors. We will provide ‘Children's Book Copyight Express’ service for Chinese and foreign exhibitors!



What is the ‘Children's Book Copyight Express?

the BIBF Children’s Books Rights Express has been set up specifically to connect Chinese and overseas exhibitors online, to discuss their individual needs through a customized service to provide sales leads.


All BIBF's children's book exhibitors could use the following express lines in accordance with their business needs:


Express Line 1
"We are xxx (unit name), and we would like to contact xxxx (publication category, such as popular science, publications for children, picture books, children's literature, etc.) publishing house of XXX (country name) to export the copyright to Chinese partners".


(This picture is the activity scene of the exchange between Chinese and foreign illustrators and children's book publishers in the 2019BIBF Ananas Illustration Exhibition area.)

Express Line 2
"We are XXX (company name). We would like to cooperate with BIBF and XXX (Chinese company name, if any) to set up a special exhibition to corperate in this year's picture books and display copyright and we hope to get good deals."


(This picture is the Harry Potter area, created by BIBF in collaboration with Chemical Industry Press Co., Ltd. and Insight Editions during the picture book exhibition in 2019. Hot sales during the exhibition!)


Express Line 3
"We are XXX (unit name). We have XXX (book copyright content). We would like to cooperate with Chinese partners!"
(This picture is the classic story area of Les barbarapa created by 2019BIBF and Jieli Publishing House.)
Contact us: sales@bibf.net


BIBF will ensure to update our international publishers with the latest information in a firm manner.
We look forward to working closely with our international partners and to fulfill all your needs!