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2018 Country of Honour: The Kingdom of Morocco 2018/8/2

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the People’s Republic of China and the Kingdom of Morocco. Morocco will participate in the 2018 Beijing International Book Fair as Country of Honour. This is also the first African Country of Honour that has been ushered in since the launch of the Country of Honour project on 2005.


Morocco will take this opportunity to showcase its graceful, distinctive culture, to introduce their talented writers and outstanding publications, and to deepen or establish the communication and cooperation with publishers from all over the world.




W2H01, China International Exhibition Center (New Venue)


Publishing Houses and Institutions (Please find detailed information in 2018 BIBF Official Directory):


Croisée des chemins, slaiki Akhawaine, Dar Al amane, DAFMED ATTAOUHIDI, YANBOW AL KITAB, Archives of Morocco, The Council of the Moroccan Community Living Abroad, The Oriental Agency, Moroccan National Tourist Office, National Library of the Kingdom of Morocco, The Royal Institute for Amazigh Culture, The National Council for Human Rights, Royal Archives, etc.


Highlighted Events


1. Road Translation


Date & Time: 17:00-18:00, August 22nd


Venue: Writer's Salon, W4 Hall, China International Exhibition Center (New Venue)


Leturer: Dr. Karima Yatribi, researcher and director of the Confucius Institute in Rabat.


Brief Introduction:


Distance and language differences have always been barriers against cultural communication. However, as in the past the Silk Road could connect distant lands together, so translation represents today the road that connects languages, geographies and cultures.


2. Moroccan and Chinese Relations in the Light of One Belt One Road Initiation


Date & Time: 16:00-17:00, August 23rd


Venue: Writer's Salon, W4 Hall, China International Exhibition Center (New Venue)


Leturer: Dr. Nasser BOUCHIBA, Sino-African Relations Searcher & President of the ACCAD (Africa-China Cooperation and Development Association).


Brief Introduction:


Moroccan-Chinese relations are deeply rooted in history. The Moroccan traveler Ibn Battuta can be considered the first Moroccan cultural ambassador to China. It’s through his famous Travels that Moroccans and Arab-speaking people learnt about China, which was an unknown continent to many of them at that time.


Relations are going through remarkable dynamics, based on the principle of fruitful exchange and mutual benefits, especially with regard to “Belt and Road” Initiative proposed by China with its economic partners, including the Kingdom of Morocco.


3. Modern Moroccan Literature


Date & Time: 13:00-14:00, August 24th


Venue: Writer's Salon, W4 Hall, China International Exhibition Center (New Venue)


Leturer: Mr. Mbarek Rabi, university professor and novelist


Brief Introduction:


In terms of their course and evolution, Moroccan culture and literature can be considered through some stages and particular developments: some fourteen centuries before the colonial period, then the colonial phase (1912-1956), then the stage of independence and the subsequent transformations, where the Moroccan universities contributed to crystallize the distinctive features of Moroccan cultural life, characterized by pluralism, renewal and openness, in different cognitive and creative fields. The multiple cultural interactions were also central to this development with the East and West, through the various schools and Arab and international creative and criticism approaches. They are also the factors of cultural democracy together with the means of social communication.